ZAMBEEF | FY2017 Results Presentation

November 15th, 2017

Below is an extract from the 2017 September Full Year Results Presentation.

Operational & Strategic Focus for 2018

Improving shareholder returns

  • Improving return on capital from our existing assets;
  • Focus capital expenditure on highest return divisions;
  • Disposal of non-core assets.

Optimisation of operating margins

  • Focus on volume/price mix and added value categories within CCFP;
  • Improving Retail margins in West Africa;
  • Cropping – optimising cost of production per M.T. to remain competitive in global environment;
  • Ongoing tight management of overheads.

Retail footprint

  • Continue rollout of Macro stores – 10 planned for 2018;
  • Support Shoprite expansion – 4 planned for calendar 2018;

CCFP Capacity

  • Increase in IQF gyro freezer to meet rising demand for added value portions;
  • Increase day-old chick capacity to 340,000 per week.

Ensuring organisational structure meets our future needs

  • Developing middle management depth and capability.

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2017 September FY Results Presentation.pdf