Zambeef Expands Local Product Range in Revamped Outlet Roll-out

June 25th, 2022

As Central Province Minister hails retail giant’s contribution to agro-sector value addition citing positive impact on economic recovery.

KABWE, ZAMBIA – Zambeef’s move to expand the variety of locally manufactured products in its remodelled outlets is further proof of the company’s unwavering commitment to growing Zambia’s agricultural value chain says Central Province Minister Hon. Credo Nanjuwa.

The home-grown ‘farm-to-fork’ retail brand, which is Zambia’s largest vertically integrated cold chain food products and agri-business company, has reopened its upgraded state-of-the-art macro-outlet in Kabwe as part of its aim to provide accessible, affordable, and quality products to its customers not only in Zambia but the sub-region at large.

“My ministry has worked to leverage public-private partnership investments to achieve maximum efficiency in our delivery of projects that would see development in Central Province. The innovation Zambeef has brought to its Kabwe outlet is a clear indication that this approach has motivated private businesses to supplement government’s efforts to meet the needs and demands of our citizens,” said Mr Nanjuwa in a speech read on his behalf by District Commissioner for Kabwe, Mr Lennox Shimwambwa during the Zambeef Kabwe Macro reopening ceremony.

Some of the improvements made to the Kabwe outlet include a wider shopping area that will provide pre-packaged products for easier and quicker shopping, as well as an increased number of products from local producers as part of Zambeef’s all-inclusive and all-embracing business model which would see the company increase and amplify its support for local manufacturers.

“Supporting homegrown businesses stimulates the economy through an increased production of local products, which then helps to alleviates poverty in the country as it provides employment and business opportunities for people and companies on the agro-value chain,” the minister said.

Nothing demonstrates a greater sense of patriotism than this, and I would like to urge Zambeef to continue with the same spirit.

Mr Nanjuwa went on to say that he was proud to note that Zambian businesses had maintained a growth trajectory despite the challenging economic landscape in the country following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The minister added that he was confident Zambeef’s US$100m Mpongwe farms expansion plan would yield even more returns for the agro-value chain and the country.

“Zambeef’s growth plan will move in tandem with government’s goal to create business opportunities, support the local agro-industry, and viable out-grower schemes along with other activities on the value chain. This will provide Zambia with an alternative source of foreign exchange through value addition,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zambeef Chief Operations Officer Mike Lovett appealed to Zambians to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to them in the form of investments such as the one Zambeef had made.

“It is only when the citizens of a country recognise the economic potential it has and work with other relevant stakeholders to ensure it is fully developed, can we see a positive turnaround,” Mr Lovett said.

He further said government efforts in providing a conducive environment for the private sector to conduct business motivated them to join in the quest for economic recovery.

Part of Zambeef’s expansion plan includes the upgrading of its Macro outlets, and so far, the retail giant has remodelled its Ibex, Linda and Chunga Macro outlets, and will soon move to other outlets across the country.


About Zambeef Products Plc

Zambeef Products PLC (“Zambeef”) is the largest integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness company in Zambia and one of the largest in the Southern Africa region. Zambeef is quoted on both the Lusaka Securities Exchange and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

It is involved in the primary production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, dairy, fish, flour, stockfeed and day-old chicks throughout Zambia and the surrounding region. It operates 236 retail outlets in Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Zambeef also has one of the largest row cropping operations in Zambia, growing maize, soybeans and wheat. Zambeef plants nearly 23,000 hectares annually, with most of the resulting crops being used in the Zambeef animal feed and flour milling businesses.

Zambeef employs 7,082 people.

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