Cold Chain Food Products

Cold Chain Food Products

Zambeef’s meat and dairy processing plants add value in producing yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese, butter, milk, milk-based juices and processed meat products.

  • Zambeef is the largest processor of beef in Zambia, with five active beef abattoirs with the capacity to slaughter 230,000 cattle per annum and five feedlots located throughout the country, with a standing capacity of 16,000 head.

    Zambeef’s meat processing plant has a capacity to process over 100,000 cattle per annum.

  • Zambeef has the largest chicken processors, producing fresh and frozen products (capacity 9.4m broilers p.a.). The Group’s breeding and hatchery operations also supply large quantities of day-old broiler chicks (capacity 25m p.a.) to small- and medium-scale poultry producers.

  • Zambeef has one of the largest dairy farms and milk processing plants in Zambia with 3,410 dairy cattle, cows and a dairy parlour milking capacity of 2,000 cows per day.

    Zambeef has a dairy processing plant (capacity 120,000 litres/day) to process milk, lacto and a wide range of value-added products including yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese, butter and milk-based juices.