Cold Chain Food Products

Cold Chain Food Products

Zambeef’s meat and dairy processing plants add value in producing yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese, butter, milk, milk-based juices and processed meat products.

  • Zambeef is one of the largest suppliers, producers and distributors of beef in Zambia, with six beef abattoirs and three feedlots located throughout the country, with the capacity to slaughter 100,000 cattle and feedlot 24,000 grain-fed cattle per annum.

    During March 2016 we opened a new abattoir in Northern Zambia, which allows us greater access to supplies of local traditional cattle.

  • Zambeef’s poultry operations Zam Chick and Zamhatch are among the largest chicken and egg producers in Zambia.

    The Zam Chick operations have been working at full capacity since 2014, and with increased demand from the expansion of the retail network, expects to continue to increase capacity in the years to come.

    The Zamhatch hatchery commenced operations in September 2015, currently producing an average of 340,000 day-old chicks per week.

    This hatchery also complements the Novatek operations, supplying day-old chicks to the Novatek retail network for sale to smallholders, as well as supplying Zam Chick’s internal broiler chicken production needs.

  • Zambeef’s pork operation, operating under the brand name Masterpork, has one of the largest piggeries, pig abattoirs and pork processing plants in Zambia, with the capacity to slaughter 100,000 pigs per annum.

    In 2016, USD 1.7 million was invested in almost doubling the cooked product manufacturing capacity, and substantially increasing the cold storage and blast freezing capacity.

  • Zambeef has one of the largest dairy farms and milk processing plants in Zambia with over 2,400 dairy cattle, producing over 19 million litres of milk per annum.

    We plan to continue to increase capacity at our milk-processing facilities, as well as widening the range of dairy products produced.

  • Zambeef retails value added fish products as an attractive substitute for meat protein through its extensive retail network which enjoys a good supply base, an efficient distribution network and a quality product.