Market Announcements

January 4, 2018Director Dealing
December 27, 2017Result of AGM
November 15, 2017Final Results
October 19, 2017TR-1: Notification of Major Holdings
September 28, 2017Operational Update
September 6, 2017Disposal of 90% shareholding in Zampalm Limited
September 6, 2017Year End Trading Update
August 4, 2017Directorate Change
June 7, 2017Interim Results
April 18, 2017Directorate Change
December 20, 2016Result of AGM
November 25, 2016Final Results
September 30, 2016Year End Trading Update
September 20, 2016Completion and Settlement of Put Options
September 19, 2016Holding(s) in Company
September 16, 2016Completion of CDC Investment
September 14, 2016Director/PDMR Shareholding
September 9, 2016Result of EGM and Director Appointments
August 4, 2016Investment Agreement with CDC Group plc
June 15, 2016Director Retirement
June 8, 2016Interim Results
May 3, 2016Settlement of Zamanita tax demand
April 25, 2016Update on Current Trading
March 24, 2016Acknowledgement of Announcement
March 24, 2016Exercise of Put Options granted to RCL FOODS
March 7, 2016Directorate Change
February 1, 2016Change of Adviser
January 4, 2016Directors' Dealings
December 29, 2015Director's Dealing
December 21, 2015Result of AGM
December 21, 2015Update on Zambia Revenue Authority
November 25, 2015Final Results
November 6, 2015Directorate Change
November 4, 2015Resolution of Zamanita Tax Assessment
November 4, 2015Further re Year End Trading Update
October 27, 2015Second Price Monitoring Extn
October 27, 2015Price Monitoring Extension
September 30, 2015Year End Trading Update
June 12, 2015Grant of Options to Executive Directors
June 10, 2015Interim Results
June 1, 2015Completion of Zamanita Disposal Transaction
May 15, 2015Notification of Interim Results
April 8, 2015Result of EGM
March 16, 2015Posting of Circular & Notice of EGM
February 17, 2015Appointment of Joint Broker
February 13, 2015Price Monitoring Extension
February 5, 2015Director/PDMR Shareholding
February 5, 2015Holding(s) in Company
February 3, 2015Disposal of Zamanita

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