Board of Directors

“Our Board governs through clearly mandated Board Committees, accompanied by monitoring and reporting systems”

The Board of Directors is responsible to the shareholders for the performance and direction of Zambeef, through the establishment of strategic objectives and key policies, as well as approving major business decisions and capital expenditure. The Board currently consists of three Executive Directors, and six independent non-executive directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Determining strategy;
  • Monitoring the Group Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the Anti Bribery and Corruption programme;
  • Agreeing risk appetite and overseeing management of risk;
  • Monitoring business and management performance; and
  • Communicating with shareholders and representing shareholder interests.

Our Board governs through clearly mandated Board Committees, accompanied by monitoring and reporting systems. Each committee operates within defined terms of reference and authority granted to it by the Board. Our Board meets at least four times during each financial year and under the following core governance structures and principles:

  • The roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are separate, with responsibilities divided between them. The Chairman is considered to be independent;
  • The Board believes that its overall composition is appropriate, with no individual or group dominating the decision making process.
  • All Directors have had access to management, including the Company Secretary, and to such information as was needed to carry out their duties and responsibilities fully and effectively;
  • Our Directors have stayed fully abreast of the Group’s business through meetings with senior management;
  • Presentations are made to the Board by senior management on the activities and operations of the Group, and Executive Directors undertake regular visits to operations;
  • All Directors are entitled to seek independent professional advice concerning the affairs of the Group at its expense;
  • One third of the Non-Executive Directors are subject to the “retirement by rotation” provisions contained in the Companies Act of Zambia.


Below are the current directors of Zambeef and their respective biographies:

Dr. Jacob Mwanza (age 81)
Non-executive Chairman

Jacob Mwansa

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: Phd (Cornell University, USA); MA Economics (W. Germany)
Experience: Over 30 years’ business management experience, both in the public and private sectors. Previously Governor of the Bank of Zambia, currently Chancellor of the University of Zambia.
External Appointments: Has served and is currently serving on several boards, including IMF Advisory Group on sub-sahara African Economic and Social Affairs, Pangaea Securities; David Shepard Foundation and Kafue Sanctuary.
Committee membership: None.

Francis Grogan (age 56)
Joint Chief Executive Officer

Francis Grogan

Nationality: Irish
Qualifications: BSc Agriculture (Ireland)
Experience: Over 25 years’ experience in agriculture and meat, both in Ireland and Zambia. Co-founder of Zambeef.
External Appointments: Other directorships include Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Ltd, Fraca Meat Company Ltd and Tractorzam Ltd.
Committee membership: None.

Dr. Carl Irwin (age 52)
Joint Chief Executive Officer

Carl Irwin

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: B. Com (University of Cape Town), FCA (UK), FZICA, Honorary doctorate (Copperbelt University)
Experience: Over 20 years’ accounting and finance experience with a number of companies, including Coopers & Lybrand UK. Co-founder of Zambeef.
External Appointments: Other directorships include Proflight Commuter Services Ltd, Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Ltd, Kanyanja Development Company Ltd, Leopard Investment Company Ltd, Fraca Meat Company Ltd and Tractorzam Ltd.
Committee membership: None.

Timothy Hugo Pollock (age 59)
Group Managing Director

Timothy Pollock

Nationality: British.
Qualifications: Royal Agricultural College; Cirencester (Agriculture); London Business School (Corporate Finance)
Experience: Over 30 years’ management, supply chain, manufacturing and M & A experience in agri-business. Previously director of Strategic Development & Operations with Lallemand Inc, CEO of Grainfarmers Group, and Investment Director of Food and Agriculture with CDC Group PLC.
External Appointments: Other directorships include AgCap Limited and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Limited.
Committee membership: Chairman of the Environmental and Social Committee.

Yusuf Koya (age 52)
Executive Director

Yusuf Koya

Nationality: British
Qualifications: BSc in Geology & Economics (Keele University, UK); MSc in Economics (Keele University, UK); AIFS (UK)
Experience: Over 20 years’ business management experience in corporate finance and credit risk management, both in the UK and Zambia. Previously Country Credit Director with Barclays Bank Zambia PLC.
External Appointments: Director in Marhaba Service Station Ltd.
Committee membership: None.

Dr. Lawrence Sikutwa (age 63)
Non-executive Director

Lawrence Sikutwa

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: MBA; FCII; Post Grad Diploma in Insurance (UK); Honorary doctorate (University of Lusaka)
Experience: Over 30 years’ experience in business management. Previously General Manager of Zambia State Insurance Corporation Limited.
External Appointments: Currently Chairman of Lawrence Sikutwa Associates Ltd Group of Companies.
Committee membership: Chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Remuneration and Succession Committee.

John Rabb (age 74)
Non-executive Director

John Rabb

Nationality: South African
Qualifications: BSc (Agriculture); MBA (RSA)
Experience: Over 30 years’ business management experience. Formerly Managing Director of the Wooltru Group in South Africa, which was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
External Appointments: Has served on, and is currently serving on, several boards, including Wellspring Ltd.
Committee membership: Member of the Remuneration and Succession Committee and Environmental and Social Committee.

David Osborne (age 53)
Non-executive Director

David Osborne

Nationality: British
Qualifications: Cambridge University; Trinity College (Natural Sciences)
Experience: Over 30 years’ investment experience in private equity and infrastructure structure in UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. Previously Managing Partner and Head of Islamic Infrastructure Fund at CapAsia.
External Appointments: Director of Direct Equity Team and Head of Portfolio Management with CDC Group Plc.
Committee membership: Chairman of the Remuneration and Succession Committee, member of the Audit Committee.

Yollard Kachinda (age 54)
Non-executive Director

Yollard Kachinda

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: BSc (Ed) Mathematics and Statistics (University of Zambia); MSc in Social Protection Financing (Maastricht University, Netherlands).
Experience: Over 25 years’ experience with Zambeef’s biggest local shareholder, NAPSA, which holds 8.3 per cent of the Company.
External Appointments: Director General of the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA). Member of Board of Trustees of NAPSA Lusaka Trust Hospital staff pension scheme
Committee membership: Member of the Remuneration and Succession Committee and Environmental and Social Committee.

Margaret Kunda Chalwe-Mudenda (age 45)
Non-executive Director

Margaret Kunda Chalwe-Mudenda

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: LLB (University of Zambia); postgraduate diploma in legislative drafting (Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education); LLM in Information Technology and Telecommunications (Southampton University, UK).
Experience: Over 10 years’ legal experience including finance, banking and labour law. Over seven years’ experience in ICT and telecommunications. Former Director General of Zambia Information and Communications Authority.
External Appointments:  Currently serving on the Boards of Madison Financial Services Plc, Medical Stores Ltd and MCK Legal Practitioners.
Committee membership: Member of the Audit Committee.

Prof. Enala Lyson Tembo-Mwase (age 58)
Non-executive Director

Enala Lyson Tembo-Mwase

Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: BSc Biological Sciences (University of Zambia); MSc Medical Parasitology (University of London); PhD in Zoology – Entomology (University of London).
Experience: 30 years’ teaching experience at University of Zambia, where she is an Associate Professor. A founding member of the Zambia Association of Women in Science and Technology, she has previously served on a number of boards and technical committees.
External Appointments: Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Zambia.
Committee membership: Member of Environmental and Social Committee.

Jonathan Andrew Kirby (age 55)
Non-executive Director

Jonathan Andrew Kirby

Nationality: South African
Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting (University of the Witwatersrand, RSA) Higher Diploma in Tax Law (Rand Afrikaans University, RSA).

Experience: 25 years’ experience with SABMiller. Previously SABMiller Finance Director: Africa. Appointed VP Finance for AB InBev Africa before retirement.

External Appointments: Director – Delta Corporation (Zimbabwe) Ltd.
Committee membership: TBA