ZAMBEEF | FY2019 Results Presentation

December 12th, 2019

Outlook & Strategic focus

Macro-Economic factors

  • Zambia’s GDP is forecast to grow by 3% in 2020 (Target 2% end 2019)
  • Electricity constraints
    – Supply (Hydro-electricity reliance, Regional drought)
    – Tariff increase to cost-reflective rates expected
  • Zambian Kwacha further sharp depreciation
    – BOP
    – External debt
  • Escalation in interest and inflation rates


  • Average summer rainfall season predicted (Improved power & reduced Maize prices expected from mid 2020)


De-Risking the business;

  • Consistent revenue growth through expansion of our retail network
  • Continued capital investment in the best performing areas of the business;
  • Cash generation through improved margins, cost control, working capital management and prudent capital expenditure;
  • Continued divestment of non-core assets; and
  • Environmental and food safety improvement projects.

ZAMBEEF | 2019 September FY Results Presentation.pdf